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.STL files only. Please contact us for a print quote or for more information on orders.

We used to say, "Think outside the box."
But now we ask you: "What can you create INSIDE the box?"

...Whatever you want to create, 3Dallas can print it

Here Is What We
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3Dallas Printing allows for manufacturers to bring prototype designs to life in a fraction of time and cost --- allowing your products get through the test phases rapidly, get approvals quickly, and get to market or put in production use faster than ever before. Cut your lead times in half and see your designs take shape faster than ever before with three-dimensional additive manufacturing. 3Dallas printing in DFW is one of the best ways to test fit, form, and function using 3D print technology using the Eden260V printer.


  • designs printed with precision in a single piece three-dimensional format
  • accurate and rapid prototype specs, utilizing digital creation with no margin of error
  • capable of filling a 10x10x8 table with multiple objects or a single piece
  • with correct digital files, prototypes can be ready for review and testing within hours
  • non-toxic, environmentally safe
  • fixture and mold building
  • solid-state prototype through additive manufacturing, where objects are created by sequential layering to produce a single piece
  • JIT manufacturing and reverse engineering
  • prints ultrafine 16 micron layers for exceptional detail, complex geometries and very thin walls


"I needed a prototype completed by 5pm on Friday --- and it was Wednesday at noon. I’d been told by other manufacturers that it would be at least a week to see a rough prototype. I didn’t have that kind of time so I called 3Dallas Printing. By 5pm on Thursday, I had my final prototype in hand. That weekend at a trade show I’d sold five major accounts on my product using the prototype."
- John H., bicycle accessories maker
"Our traditional methods for making prototypes included an overseas trip, at least 4 versions and machine fees that always took us over budget. With how precise the prototypes are from 3Dallas Printing and how fast they complete the jobs, we are moving faster than ever before. It has drastically cut down our lead times."
- Mike W., civil engineer

Types of industries that use 3D printing:

  • civil engineering
  • aeronautical engineering
  • medical fields such as dental and orthopedic
  • architecture
  • industrial design
  • automotive design
  • education
  • sporting goods, bicycles

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3Dallas Printing can produce rapid prototypes up to 10 x 10 x 8 square inches and the potential for what types of objects they can print are nearly unlimited. Anyone with a design file and design concept can print in 3D. Whether you are creating a new product or redesigning products, contact us today to get started on your project.

.STL files only. Please contact us for a print quote or for more information on orders.

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